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Episode 00 – PROLOGUE –
A series created and written by: Jordan “ChaosReacon” Simmons
Special thanks to: Jacob Gwynn

Darkness… Just pure darkness.

For miles on end there was only a faint light that could be seen. With nothing in sight stood a boy at the age of 15. In one hand was a sword created to bring either the salvation or destruction of the world. And in the other was another sword created by the boy.

The air was tranquil as he stood on edge. Unsure whether to let loose or to be put at ease. Bruises covered his body while blood made it shine.

A whirlwind of past memories began to flood his mind as his body became more tense.

“This will decide your fate.” A young man’s voice broke through the screaming silence. Fate? Was it fate that brought me this life of destruction? The boy thought to himself.

“How could the blade have chosen you!?” Came a voice of a boy about the same age as him. You think this blade is a blessing? The boy contemplated.

“You are destined for great things, child.” An old woman’s voice rang through the blackness. How can you be so sure of yourself that I’m the one?

“You walk a thin path, my boy.” A man’s voice echoed in the nothingness. True. Not many would be able to accomplish the things which I have done.

The stillness grew as the silence continued to hang in the air. The chaos began to settle down once more. Am I destined to be a monster?

“You’re wrong, Roger.” A soft feminine voice pierced the boy’s subconscious.

Roger turned around in haste to find the source of the voice, but to no avail. “Hmm, you’re right.” Roger started to grin as the darkness began to close in.

“Alright, buddy. Let’s go.” Roger said as his eyes began to glow.

He declared, “Devil’s Wing!”

The End – Prologue –
Devil's Wing - PROLOGUE
Hello, everyone.

I honestly didn't think I would've had enough time to finish the revised prologue so soon.
But, I guess this will be a special Christmas present to you all. Hope you all enjoy this series like God's Divine.

Next Chapter - In Development

Latest Chapter - PROLOGUE

ROGER NAGIWA - Concept Art
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Episode 02/Chapter 05: Bittersweet Beginnings (The Training Starts… NOW!!)

Out into the night again, the bright lights of Akihabara lit up like the sun in the late hour. As I got off the train station, Cychron said, “Go to the ledge.”

And as I got to the railing as my dual katana slunk over my shoulder in its sheath, Cychron asked, “Now, tell me what do see?”

I looked intently at the busy streets, directing my focus to the people down below. I finally had my answer, not knowing if it was correct for the situation.

“I see a mixture of everything. From the happiest to the low and grim hearted.”

“Yes, exactly. Even though it’s a populated area, this is a perfect playground for demons that wish to cause mischief. Whether it’s causing someone to trip or to do a night of skirt flipping to simply embarrass the individual of their choosing, or to condemn those that are already low and devour the rest of their soul.”

I made my way to the streets as I said, “Alright… But how am I supposed to find them?”

“Hmm… Look at these humans’ shadows. Do you notice anything strange with them?” Cychron asked.

I started looking at everyone’s shadows, but I couldn’t— wait… Is that one smirking? And just following a boy wearing a beanie was a shadow that was hopping from shadow to shadow until it finally latched onto his. The boy didn’t seem to notice.

“What do you say that demon’s intentions are?” I asked.

The boy seemed to now have a dark aura about him as his body began to slink down and head into the alley.

“Just to be safe, follow him.” Cychron ordered.

And as I entered the alley, the boy picked up an iron rod and was making his way to a slightly opened door.

I whispered to myself, “I don’t like where this is going.”

“Then go for it” Cychron replied.

“Alright. Hey! Mr. Beanie!” I said.

The boy turns around with darkness in his eyes as he stared back with an angry expression.

Cychron then said, “Now, put your hand out and imagine it’s on fire.”

This caught me off guard as I asked in disbelief, “What?”

The boy began to charge at me as Cychron commanded, “Just do it!”

I put up my hand as if to fire out a fireball as I closed my eyes. Just imagined those blue flames. So warm, it felt so evil, but also comforting. I could hear his footsteps getting ever so closer as I opened my eyes to see the blue flames erupting from my left hand.

Time slowed as the boy was caught off guard. Alright. I got into a defensive stance as the boy continued sliding towards me. A swift elbow to his gut, and a good punch to his face sent him hurtling to the ground.

I did it. I did— I looked at my hand again as it was still on fire.

“Crap! Crap, crap, crap, crap!” I said as I panicked to put it out. Still astonished with how my movement was so clean, I said, “How did I—?”

Cychron interrupts, “I already frickin’ told you. I’m a bloody mercenary from fucking Hell! What did you think I was doing in your body for the last eight years? Sitting on my ass and watching cartoons all day? Nuh-uh. Wrong!”

“Well, that explains why I have abs when I haven’t been going to the gym.”

“Yeah, I’ve trained your body. Now stay focused!” Cychron said in annoyance.

The boy started getting back up, but he was looking at his surroundings as if he was lost. And as he spotted me, he said, “Hey. Who the hell are you? And where the hell am I?”

“Did the demon make it so he doesn’t remember anything when it took control of him?” I asked.

“That’s how demons usually work. The difference from what I did to you was I did everything at night after you headed for bed.” Cychron said. Should I be concerned about that?

The boy began to cringe and started heading towards me again. Is that demon that stupid to do the same attack again? I thought to myself while getting into the defensive stance again. The boy drops to his knees as he held his stomach tightly.

“…the hell?” I muttered under my breath.

The boy started having a coughing fit as blood started spewing out of his mouth. I froze still as the boy began to scream and as a dark aura began to envelope his boy.

The boy passed out as the shadow began to walk out of him. The demon laughed madly as he said, “It’s quite rare to see a human possessing such demonic energy on his own.”

The demon looked like an anarchic goblin with its torn up vest revealing its purple skin as the straps swayed side to side from its aviator head gear.

“Which demon are you with?” He said as he looked at me with a blank stare and smiled from ear to ear.

Cychron then says, “Hmm… Interesting. Let’s see how you deal with the brain dead, boy.”

I reached over my shoulder and brought out my katana as I said, “Just me alone. And your time has come to an end.”

“That sounded cheesy.” Cychron interrupted.

“Shut up.” I replied under my breath.

The demon just laughed as it said, “Well then, let’s see it!”

The demon began charging again as I smirked to myself. He’s making this all too easy. I swung my katana at him, but to my surprise it only went through the demon. No way— the demon struck me with his knee sending me back a fair ways.

I had trouble getting my air back as Cychron says, “You dumbass! You’re attacking a spirit that shouldn’t have a body! Haven’t you played any super-natural games to know that demons don’t go down so easy!?”

The demon just gave the biggest smirk as it towered over me. It processed to grab me by the neck and slam me against the wall as it taunted, “C’mon, where’s your demon power, human?”

I was beginning to cough up some blood as it finally made sense to me. I began to chuckle as I asked, “You want it?”

I grabbed the arm the demon was holding me up with as I lit my hand on fire again.

“Ye-ouch!! Hot, hot, hot, hot!!” The demon complained.

I began to lift my katana up high as the azure flames covered the blade.

“Ah!! Let go! Let go!”

“You can have it!” I shouted as I drove the blade through his arm. The goblin just howled in pain as I fell to the ground.

“Very cleaver. But now it’s time to wrap things up before we get any unwanted attention.” Cychron said as he began to take over my body.

Cychron dropped the katana as he hit the ground. With both arms engulfed in flames as my skin and hair turned white. All the while, the demon stops screaming as he was shaking with fear.

“Th-that a-ash white… N-no, Not you!” The demon said as he began backing up from the boy on fire.

“You ‘ought to be ashamed of yourself, Choni.” Cychron said as he began to smile that would give the darkness chills.

Cychron began walking towards the demon as he says, “You scream like a child. And your actions are just as pathetic.”

“What has the mercenary of Hell have business with the likes of me? Hasn’t the devil not been pleased with our work to have sent you?” The demon said as he backed up to the wall.

Cychron stopped in his tracks as began to laugh hysterically.

“I haven’t listen to that fallen Cretan in the last eight years. I don’t take orders from him anymore.”

The demon started to shed tears as he fell to his knees speechless. Cychron stood in front of him as he says, “And you’ve over-stayed your welcome.”

“N-no!!” The demon said as it tried in its last attempts to break free.

Cychron grabbed the demon by his shoulders with such power. The demon cried as it was set ablaze.

“Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ to everyone for me, you nuisance.” Cychron concluded.

As the blue flames died down, the only thing left of the goblin was his shadow as it was burnt into the ground. Wow. Such power… Is this really what I want? Cychron’s smile disappeared as he heard some rustling further in the alley.

The boy was stumbling back as he said with fear, “Holy shit! What the hell was that!?”

Cychron turned towards the boy as the boy began to freeze up. Cychron charges after him as I shouted, “No, don’t kill him!”

To my surprise, Cychron drop kicks the boy in the face as he screams, “It’s none of your damn business!!”

I took back control before Cychron could do anymore harm. I looked at the boy as he was knocked out cold as I said, “This is one hell of a job I’ve gotten myself into.”

The End – Episode 02/Chapter 05: Bittersweet Beginnings (The Training Starts… NOW!!)
God's Divine Ep.02/Ch.05
Wow... That's really all I can say.

This is by far my most favorite chapter I've worked on to date. Thank you everyone who's has supported me up until now. Thank you all for your kind words and here's to many more stories with Chaos and Cychron in the future!!

Prologue - God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.00 - Prologue -

Prev. Chapter - God's Divine Ep.02/Ch.04

Next Chapter - In development

Latest Chapter - Ep.02/Ch.05

Again, thank you all and have a Merry Christmas,

Episode 02/Chapter 04: Bittersweet Beginnings (8 Years)

“Will you, Chaos Yoshimitsu, become a demon hunter?” The shadowy figure asked.

Without a moments hesitations, I said, “I will.”

Cychron only stared back at me as he said with confusion spread across his face, “Really? It’s that easy to convince you?”

He began to chuckle to himself, “Are you sure you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

I just stared right back at him.


The shadow disappeared as the demon’s laughter echoed in the room.

“To think you’d be so willing. But it’s probably through your experiences that have made you this way.” The demon said in the darkness.

I interrupted, “But first, tell me why you’re doing this and what happened to my parents.”

The demon reappeared in the mirror’s reflection with puzzled eyes. But he began to chuckle once more as he said, “That’s right. You were young when all that shit happened.

The demon’s eyes began to glow blood red as my room started turning black.

“All right. Let’s take a trip right back down memory lane.” Cychron said as lights began to envelope me.

As I opened my eyes again, I beheld a gorgeous view of the forest. Sun rose high in the sky and overall, the place felt like paradise. I looked down as I noticed I was sitting on a roof, but what blew me away was the kid I saw playing in front of the house.

“How did you—?” I asked in fascination as the blonde haired kid laugh his heart out.

I looked to my left as the shadowy figure rested in the spot next to me. Wait.

I started freaking out as I said, “What are you doing!? What if we got seen!?”

The red eyes stared back in annoyance as he said with the tone to match, “You’re making this sound like it was a sci-fi film. Get a hold of yourself. This is just an illusion. Now, shut up.”

What a relief. I looked back as my heart continued to race. The kid got up from playing with his toy car and ran towards the house as a black haired woman accepted the child in her arms.

I held my breath as I muttered to myself, “Wait. I-I know her. She’s my—“

“Yes. That’s your mother, Ashikira Yoshimitsu.” Cychron said.

Ashikira… Yoshimitsu. Mother.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Finally, after many years of only seeing veg silhouettes in my dreams I now know who my mother is.

Tears began to blur my vision as Cychron continued, “She was kind soul. Born a city girl, but was always ready to challenge the wilderness as much as she could. She was also quite a bookworm as well.”

I then saw a man coming in from a distance. And it looked like, no, I was a spitting image of him.

“And there’s your father, Hiroshimura Yoshimitsu.”

As he continued his way to the house in his demi jacket and button up shirt, Cychron continued, “Raised in a small town. He had a punk image about him when he was younger. Caused a little mischief in his community with his little band of hooligans. Anyways, he met your mother on a school trip to Kyoto.”

Cychron snarked, “Tried to grab her attention as soon as he laid eyes on her. Again, and again she would turn him down. And after much pondering, Hiroshi did the unthinkable and went down on both hands and knees and swore to her that he would clean himself for her, that he would be the best that he could be.”

“He really did that?” I asked.

Cychron began to chuckle as he said, “He did. He proposed to her at a young age. Then, they got into a bed and—“

“Whoa! No! You sick pervert!  You completely ruined the mood!” I lashed out.

Cychron just bursts out into laughter after hearing my reaction. Cychron continues, “You were then born and you all were living that happy, loving family life.”

I was still pissed from his comment, but I couldn’t help but to smile as I looked back at my family.

“…Until that night…”

The beautiful forest, the happy family below, even the roof I had been sitting on disappeared into the darkness. And when my eyes readjusted, it was the same scene that plagued my dreams.

My parents laid dead on the floor with the blonde haired boy kneeling in front of his father. I swallowed up my courage and looked up. And there he was.

The monster was now in full view. No more shadows to hide behind.

“This feeling…” The man chuckled.

It surprised me to see his face. The way it looked was a mixture of his grey skin being burnt, or he had a very bad case of cancer. His eyes were so pale that there was little difference from it being blank. A tattered Vietnamese jacket left his pale arms to the open air as it hung low to his legs. His hat covered his nose while still looking like a cowboy hat. The steely fingers that resembled knives.

“It energizes me to see the life flow out of another, unlike that rotten Hell.” He laughed with such a heavy, dark voice.

How it angered me to finally see him. Even though I knew it was an illusion, oh how I wanted to steal the lives he’s taken.

“How dare you!!”

The voice shocked me as I saw myself enraged.

“Damn you!” the boy screamed.

The boy got up in full sprint as he gave the war cry, “Go to Hell!!”

The boy froze in mid-air as if he was attached to an invisible cross. Only screaming silence reached my ears as I could only look while my spline began to slither with fear.

“This was the moment when I became a part of you.” The demon said in a whisper.

Forgetting that he was even there, I screamed as the blue flames enveloped the boy’s body as it also howled in pain.

I looked back at Cychron enraged, “You mood wrenching bastard!”

“But you will want to see what happens next.” Cychron said as he pointed back to the scene at hand.

I turned back to what was happening as the young boy came back to the ground clenching his fists open and shut. Such a sinister smile, there was nothing of me that controlled my younger self anymore.

The man just stared at the boy as the blue flamed kid continued to laugh.

“It’s a little small, but it’ll have to do.”

The boy looked at the man as he said, “Time to go back to Hell, you piece of shit.”

And with a blink of an eye, the boy lunged himself into the man forcing him out the window.

My vision blacked out as the dark forest came into view. Just barely able to make out the dashing between the two. Five… ten… twenty miles it had to be before Cychron knocked the man to the ground. The man rested on his hands and knees as Cychron crouches right in front of him.

With a smile that boarder lined insanity, Cychron said, “You arrogant bastard. You’ve made this child parentless. You’ve scarred him deep inside.”

Cychron clenched his hand over his heart, “His very soul cries out in this flesh to condemn you for what you’ve done! Lucky for you. You don’t have to wait too long to see that hellfire again.”

Cychron jumped back with glee as the man was engulfed in flames. The man only stared back at him with such a dead piercing stare.

“To the Nine, I go.
To bring punishment to the damned.
To meet his master with endless misery and woe!
For the Devil will send his fury with wrath.
For tonight— I am your Grim Reaper!!”

The man burnt down in the flames without a single utterance as the blue flames began to die down.

“Say hi to Lucy for me, Daroku!” Cychron said with such a childish excitement.

“Now, time to take care of the dead parents and—“

    *                *               *

“So, his name is Daroku.” I said in the darkness as the moonlight began to light up my apartment.

“That’s right. The man condemned by me to rot in Hell for what he did to your family and countless of other individuals.” Cychron said.

“And there’s even more like him out there?” I asked.

“There is. Demons that will do the exact same things as what Daroku has done. And so, I believe you’re at the right age to decide for yourself if you wish to cleanse the earth of this filth.”

“So, what now?” I asked with intent.

“Well, since you’ve already agreed to this, I think it’s a good idea to do a little demon hunting training tonight.”

The End – Ch. 04 (8 Years)
God's Divine Ep.02/Ch.04
Hello, everyone.

Finally, I was able to work on this chapter. Although now with all of God's Divine rough drafts have been transferred to my computer I should be able to work on the next chapters a lot faster than between this and the last chapter.

And so, all forms of criticism is appreciated.

Prologue - God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.00 - Prologue -

Prev. Ch. - God's Divine Ep.01/Ch.03

Next Ch. - God's Divine Ep.02/Ch.05

Latest Ch. - Ep.02/Ch.05

And with that, I abide you all adieu,



Journal Entry: Fri Dec 12, 2014, 6:11 PM

Hello, everyone.

I know I've said that I was going to be working on Ep. 02 a couple of weeks ago. But now I can finally say that Ep. 02/Ch. 04 is in the works, so it could be another week, maybe two depending on how busy work will get and if I'll be in the right mindset to write it out.

And as for other updates, I'm very close on transferring all the concept notes and art for Devil's Wing so I might be also working on that within the next week or so. And also something I forgot to mention during my last update was that I'm currently in development of two graphic art projects. The one being a challenge my little bro asked me to do, and the other being a personal project that came to me sometime last week or so. So I'm hoping to continue to work on them soon.

And with that, I abide you all adieu and a Merry Christmas if I don't update until then,



Journal Entry: Fri Dec 12, 2014, 6:11 PM

Hello, everyone.

I know I've said that I was going to be working on Ep. 02 a couple of weeks ago. But now I can finally say that Ep. 02/Ch. 04 is in the works, so it could be another week, maybe two depending on how busy work will get and if I'll be in the right mindset to write it out.

And as for other updates, I'm very close on transferring all the concept notes and art for Devil's Wing so I might be also working on that within the next week or so. And also something I forgot to mention during my last update was that I'm currently in development of two graphic art projects. The one being a challenge my little bro asked me to do, and the other being a personal project that came to me sometime last week or so. So I'm hoping to continue to work on them soon.

And with that, I abide you all adieu and a Merry Christmas if I don't update until then,



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