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Episode 01: Chapter 01 – Reminiscence (Familiars)

I remembered. I just ran. I ran, I ran as the fields continued to stretch out as to the eye can see. The sun felt warm on my skin. The wind flowing all around me, everything was at peace. As I ran I couldn’t think of why I kept running at full speed or why I felt so happy.

It almost felt like I was in a state of nirvana.

I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember why I was running in the first place until I heard her voice. Mother’s voice. She kept calling for me as a house in the middle of the forest with two figures standing right in front of it were getting ever so closer.

I then shouted, “Father! Mother!”

Their distant faces had a pleasant aura about them as they were both smiling back at me. Closer, just a few more feet until I was in their arms. I laughed like any young child should have as if I accomplished a grand quest and coming home for a big reward, but something felt off. The sides of my vision started to… blur? Everything began mixing together until there was darkness. I thought I was going to be sick when my vision came to.

“Fa-father… Mother.” I said as I forced out the whisper.

There he laid, my father looked like a rag-doll as he was sprawled out across the floor. Blood being smeared across the ground. I fell to my knees as I began to look up to the horrors that came next. My mother clenched both her face and abdomen as the only sounds she made were distorted howls. I could only watch as the dark figure picked her up by the neck with its steely knife-like hands.

Blood began trickling down her neck as she scream, “Chaos, get out of here! Ru…”

I could only hear the life leaving her body as she fell to the floor. The dark figure started laughing in delight as he watched my mother stop moving. All I could do was watch. That was the only thing I was able to do was watch. Anger and despair were eating me up from the inside as the man began to speak.

“This feeling. It energizes me to see the life flow out of another, unlike that rotten Hell.” He laughed with such a heavy, dark voice.

“Mother” I said staring at my legs as tears began to form.

“Hmm… Ah, the little runt of the family.” He scoffed.

“You… How dare you…” I began growling as my rage started reaching its peak.

“I got to let you know, kid. This isn’t personal. And I actually do love kids. Especially seeing their innocence die just before I cut them up.” He said.

I then got up and screamed to all my lungs could give, “Damn you!”

I got to my feet in a blink of an eye and just charged right at him, “Go to Hell!!”

My body then froze. Felt like an invisible force bounded me to a cross. My mouth hung out wide as I screamed, but as much as I tried no sound would come out. I then felt different. More aggressive, strong… No, I felt hellish. The moment I touched the floor I darted right at him.

*   *       *

All I could see now was darkness. Where am I? I was alone, but my gut told me otherwise. It felt like something else was behind me. As I turned, an agonizing pain overcame me as I heard the sinister voice.

“Are you going to wake up?”

I awoke gasping for air as I studied my surroundings. It was my room. Everything was familiar.

“It was just a dream.” I said reassuring myself.

My name is Chaos Yoshimitsu. I’m 13 years old and I live alone. Although I can’t really explain how I’m able to do this. I even went to the landlord to see if it was right for me to stay at the apartment and they would look at me strangely as if I was speaking another language.

Other than the memory of parents being murdered 8 years ago, I have no other family members to speak of. No relatives came out when I was found, and so this is normal life, to me anyways. I look at other kids my age and seeing the common interactions we all share; Go to school, hang out with friends, seeing them as happy they are with their families. Although I have no one to go to, it’s strange to see how peaceful life is.

Food is left in the fridge for me, cleaning supplies are always there and no bills to speak of. Yes, it sounds strange to me as well when I see the other people in my apartment would get all worked up about how to make ends meet.

On my way to school I passed a flower shop with a sign that said ‘Nagiwa’s Flower Shop.’ I’ve made friends, but my closest has left without even saying good-bye. It’s currently unknown if he was kidnapped or worse. The last time I heard from him was almost a year ago when there was an incident at the museum we were going to check out. They say that a cursed sword was stolen, but ended with no leads as to what happened.

*   *       *

I sit through the lecture in class as I begin to wonder what else is out there. It seems too fishy that my life is this easy. Come to school, go home, stay out of trouble and repeat. Well that’s what life seems to be for me anyway.

The bell rings signaling for lunch break. The same six charmed bells that seemed more like organizing an assembly line of workers than anything else. I get up from my desk as I heard someone calling out to me.

“Come on, Spikey. Emergency band meeting. Sam’s says it’s big.” Says a silver haired boy.

I turn to the open window leading into the hallway to see Chad Matthews. An American transfer student while his parents are working here in Tokyo. His also the lead vocalist for my band. A real stud looking guy with the whole shades and leather jacket thing going on.

“Alright. Where are the others?” I said as I finished packing up my books.

“Waiting for us.” Chad replies casually.

“So has Sam told you what the news is, Chad?” I asked curious to what the emergency was about as we were walking down the hallway.

“No clue. She was being very tight lipped about it. It must be a good thing from the way she was smiling about it.” Chad said as we were heading towards one of the unused classrooms in the building. The moment the door opened we were immediately assaulted with her words.

“You guys are late.” Sam says in a playful tone.

This is Sam Miguchi. Our red head vocalist and keyboardist. Her father being from Europe meet Sam’s mom during a business trip through Japan. Although she’s the most polite girl you’ll ever meet, her parents let greed overrun their decisions when they saw Sam’s talent for singing. They sent her to all the best paying shows from national gigs to car ad campaigns.

Things only got worse when they were making questionable appearances for Sam until she finally had it and ran away. She then stayed with her mother’s parents and decided to change her last name back to her mother’s maiden name. Sam was then brought up to help around the house and learned what it was to be part of a family as her grandparents would say.

Chad replies, “We went as fast as we could.”

“Not fast enough. Not for the news I have for you today.” She continued in her cherry tone.

As Chad and I sat down, I turned to look at a rough on the edge kind of guy. His name is Ben Burstein. He is our ‘heavy’ bassist. With his looks he looked like some orange haired anime style bodyguard in his school uniform. And finally, the crimson haired drummer next to him is Ben’s adopted brother, Ray Uzamaki. Ray’s family adopted Ben at a young age, apparently Ben’s mother wanted nothing to do with him and so he began living the street life. Even when he lived in the foster home, the foster parents did nothing to help him as the other kids were abusing him. That was sad day for the other foster kids when Ben began to “stand” up for himself.

And as for Ray, he may seem to be another cool-headed slacker, but he’s Ben’s lighter side and best friend. Being the only one who can control Ben when he gets out of control.

“She hasn’t said a thing to us.” Ray shrugged.

“Ok. So what’s the big news, Sam?” I asked.

Her face was glowing with a radiant smile as she clapped her hands together, “I was able to get us a booking agent.” Everyone just stopped a heartbeat as they stared back at Sam.

“Wait… What?” I said with surprise.

Sam just continued to smile as Chad said, “That’s excellent news. How…”

Sam then interrupts, “Well, I’ve gotten back in contact with one of my parents agents that I was fond of and he believes that we have what it takes.” Sam’s tone turns sad as she says, “The only thing though, we need an official name.”

The air in the room turned tense as everyone realized what the situation was. I spoke up, “Yeah, I guess “Gen 4” wouldn’t really make for a good band name, would it?”

“Not that it was bad, but it worked better for when you, Chris, Eddie and Roger started the group. But anyways, does anyone have an idea for a band name?”

“How about…”

Names were being exchanged back and forth, but to avail. As disagreements were being had, I started remembering back to when my other friends were still around. Just the four of us playing our guitars in different styles, joking around with each other and just did it for fun.

*   *       *

The memory changed to an evening as I was hanging out with Eddie and Chris. We were walking down the streets of Shibuya as the sun was setting. As much fun as we were having, I could tell that something was eating at both Chris and Eddie. They stopped dead in their tracks, and as I turned around they began saying.

“Chaos… I’m sorry but we’re moving.” Eddie sincerely spoke.

As the sun was shining in my face, the only thing that came to mind, what?

Chris spoke up, “My Dad’s sending me to a boarding school. Not that my education or who I interact with is bad. It’s for me to learn to protect myself.”

“And my family’s moving to a small village to help them as they don’t have any doctors there. I wish there was another way. But…” Eddie started trailing off.

I was at a loss for words. These were my friends that I’ve known for as long as I could remember. I didn’t know what to say, but I felt there was something important for me to say. I brought up the courage to say, “I understand.”

Tears started falling as I mustered all I had to stop from breaking down, “Don’t say sorry. Just promise that no matter where are we’ll still be friends as we look at the same skies together.”

The trio smiled as they put their fists together, “Deal!”

*   *       *

“Come on, doesn’t the name sound great, Chaos?”

I panicked as I began to realize that I wasn’t even listening to the band names.

“Come on, Cryptic Winds. That does sound badass, right?” Ben said eagerly.

“It does, but I don’t know if it truly sounds like us though.” I said nervously.

Chad stands up as if to win a game show. “Come on, guys. There’s got to be at least one good name that defines us. A name that’s God defining!”

That’s it. I looked up at everyone, “What about God’s Divine?”

Everyone just stared right back at me. Then at each other, and in unison said, “That’s it!”

Chad puts his arm around my shoulder as he said, “I had a feeling you would have the idea. Thanks for you starting this all off.”

I started to blush, “It was nothing.”

Sam brings out her phone as says, “Alright, guys. I’m making the call. Please calm yourselves down.”

But on the inside I could only say, I miss you guys.

The End - Chapter 01 (FAMILIARS)
God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.01
Hey, everyone.

And here we go, now I'm setting the story in motion. And the reason I say this is because I'm also working on another series, but as I'm not an experienced writer yet I got stuck on the first chapter for it. I may be able to continue to work on it. But for now, I'm satisfied with being to do what I'm able to accomplish for now.

Prev. Ch. - God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.00 - Prologue -

And please, I would like your feedback. Doesn't matter if it's good/bad/etc.
And anywho, I bid you all adieu,

Created and written by: Jordan “ChaosReacon” Simmons

The year… is 2019. Many years after the fall of the golden age, most of the land being laid to ruins. Desolation in every direction. With only the sound of howling wind being the ear’s only company in the midst of the sandstorm.

*Crunch* *Crunch*

The sound of footsteps began to echo in the distance as dark hooded man pushed through the harsh weather. With only his leather jacket, bandanna and goggles to protect him, he pressed on to a broken down city. The scenery was the prefect description of a survival horror movie, with the buildings toppled on one another, electrical wiring falling out of their protective cables, and shattered glass out on any street. As the man got closer to the heart of the city, a radio broadcast began to play a distorted melody as if to comfort the hell around it.

The man then stops in front of a newspaper stand before continuing on. He looked into the distance as the words repeated through his mind, ‘What if the truth wasn’t for the good of man-kind?” The melody was then cut short as the sounds of old machinery was being reborn.

“A message to all those out there.”

Silence was its only reply as the spokesperson continued.

“To anyone that is still alive and listening. The time has come. Good men and women have fallen to “our” corrupt leaders. New generations are being lead to live a lie. Welcoming Hell as its new home.” A few seconds of nothing began to feel like eternity in the sleeping city.

“It is time. For all that resisted the mark, it’s time to make a stand.”

The man is now in a dark room staring what would drive normal humans insane. “Join the resistance.”

The air around began to resonate its empty spaces as if to out lash against the taboo while the message continued.

”And for all that are part of the resistance. The three-headed snake is among us.”

Only angry sounds of Mother Nature remained as the dark hooded man spoke into the microphone. “I repeat, the three-headed snake is among us. To those that can hear this. Now is the time to stand for what is right. For the justice that lies in wait for what’s due is due.”

The blackness began to crawl as the man concluded, “For we are… God’s Divine.”

The end - Prologue -
God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.00 - Prologue -
Hey guys. This is a series that I've been working on for the last couple of years and now I've gotten the guts to write it out. Originally I just going to create the manga and commission writers to create a novel version of the series. And huge thanks to the group of friends that have helped out with the series.

And don't worry, the Manga series will still come out. It's just taking longer than expected to get the materials that I'm needing.

Next Ch. - God's Divine Ep.00/Ch.01

And so without further adieu,


P.S. All forms criticisms are appreciated.   
Welcome to the Grim by ChaosReacon
Welcome to the Grim
Hello, everybody.

Here's another piece that I've in the last 5 days. This piece is apart of my series that I'm creating that will hopefully be up in a couple of months.

Anywho, hope you guys enjoy,

- ChaosReacon
*Additional rules*

こにちわ、 みなーさん。 (Hello, everyone)

This is a message that as of right now, I'll be accepting requests. Reasons as to why there hasn't been any new art, or anything lately, is because of two reasons. One being that I'm working on two Anime/Manga series which I hope to have available in the next few months. And the other being that I prefer to work with photoshop and similar programs. But knowing that I can still work without it I'm wanting to see where my skills can take me, or know where my limitations are for now. So if you have a request, feel free to send me a message.

And with that said, the only rules I have at the moment are:

-No 18+ content. (Nude, Hentai, Sex) (If you're unsure if your request is under this, just send it anyways)
-Can only work with 
pencil, pen or ink for the time being.
- No one under the age of 16 doing things that can be misinterpreted into something bad. (More geared towards sexual things and such)**

Just remember this list will change if there is any confusion and such.

And so with that, I bid you all ado,

- ChaosReacon


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